Package Sponsorship

In order to succeed in the arduous task of operating the index, the CSR board and PRESIDING Solutions are looking for sponsors that can offer cooperation or finance in order to cover the costs. The sponsors can choose to cover a number of packages involved with the CSR indexing services, or the awards ceremony services. The packages include but are not limited to, PRESIDING’s professional fee to finalize the index assessment system for the participants, its dynamic website design for the RCCI’s (Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry) website, the costs of the awareness workshops and training courses that precede the launch of the index, the costs of raising awareness about CSR and the index, PRESIDING’s professional fee for the actual assessment, as well as media coverage, promotional advantages, personal recognition, and a number of other services for the awards ceremony.


The sponsorship packages also come in different service packages based on the number of services sponsors wish to cover, running from Regular Participation, to Bronze, Silver, Gold, and then Platinum Participation.


Media Sponsorship

PRESIDING Solutions and the CSR board are also looking for media sponsors to publicize the CSR Index both locally and regionally by covering the launch event, the awards ceremony, coverage in major dailies, radio and TV broadcasts, as well as offering free promotions and advertising space.


In return for its services, PRESIDING Solutions and the CSR board will award the sponsor with visibility during the launch, as well as logo recognition in events and on their websites. They will also give the media sponsor priority access to the CSR workshops that will be organized, and priority treatment at the launch event and awards ceremony.