Organizational Design And Human Capital Consulting

At presiding we provide organizational design and human capital services linked to achieve the organization’s strategy while considering business processes, people, and culture.

Our broad set of services are classified into the following areas:


  • Organizational Design and development:

By providing the expertise we
help clients to engineer a vehicle that attains organizational goals, promotes growth, minimizes
costs, and boosts mutually short-term performance and long-term organizational health.


  • Shared Services Consulting:

Share smarter, grow faster – That’s what our consultants stand behind when envisioning innovative models for resource sharing within our client’s organizations


  • People Strategy:

Businesses achieve their growth targets through people. Presiding helps businesses to utilize their most important assets to deliver on their objectives and ensure they thrive.


  • Employee Evaluation:

Keeping the right people in the right places is vital to the delivery of
the value which organizations strive to create for all stakeholders.
At Presiding, we provide the best Evaluation Platform that thoroughly assesses knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies and much more to optimize person-career match at all levels.


  • Change Management & Communication:

Successful change management requires effective communication. In fact, successful organizational
change cannot happen without the right communication. Presiding helps the organization in getting their employees involved in change, enabling them to feel empowered to commit and engage
in the desired change.


  • Talent Management:

A well-crafted Talent Management Strategy enables you to deploy A-Players against business goals at a better rate than your competition. Presiding helps you to create an effective talent management strategy through creative workshops, concise career path plans, succession planning, and leadership development programs.