Human Capital Development & Training Services

PRESIDING  is  one  of  the  leading  Human Resources consultancy  and  training  firms in  the UK and the Middle East. Since its establishment in 1985, PRESIDING has become a trusted advisor to many leading businesses, governments and institutions.  We help leaders make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements to the performance of their organizations. We also tackle our clients’ most difficult issues and challenges.  As part of our services, we have provided training solutions for leading and prestigious international companies. We also cater to public sector and governmental bodies’ needs and have worked closely with various ministries.


Our strength stems from our global network of experts who have substantial experience in human resource development and training. As certified professionals, our teams of experts are able to offer the optimal solutions that best fit our clients’ needs and vision.


Learning Solutions

PRESIDING offers a wide range of learning solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our training programs enable clients to develop their teams’ qualifications in skills relevant to their industries. They also provide reliable insights benchmarked with the best practices to drive business growth and offer practical training that fulfils our clients’ various business needs.


Because of PRESIDING’s leading outcome-driven approach focused on client service, we always deliver solutions aligned with our client’s strategy and in line with their organizational culture and values.


One-Stop-Shop for Training Needs

PRESIDING handles training programs from A to Z.  Our clients rely on us to handle their training needs from start to finish including all related details, such as logistics training, which encompasses hotel and flight bookings, meals, transportation and translation. PRESIDING is able to offer these valuable added services as part of its learning solutions package through our wholly-owned travel management company.


Our Approach

PRESIDING designs and delivers its training programs based on a carefully developed methodology which guarantees the proper development of the training program and its suitability for the client’s specific needs, while also ensuring high quality delivery and effectiveness of the learning solutions proposed.


Through PRESIDING’s expertise we have been able to distill the following result-bearing method, which we employ in all our training programs:





Once the training program is developed and a blended high caliber team of academics and certified practitioner trainers is assembled, we proceed to execution. PRESIDING’s learning solutions are delivered according to the best international standards utilizing the latest learning and training tools and techniques. Our trainers utilize multimedia tools, interactive exercises, practical case studies and engaging adult learning techniques to ensure a high level of engagement and participation among trainees.


Our Commitment

We work hard to maintain and improve our reputation for quality. We have an extensive internal quality assurance program called “Work with Excellence” to ensure that our clients receive top quality services from us at all times. “Excellence in all we do” is one of our core values.  We appreciate the importance of doing the right things and doing them efficiently.



Areas of Learning Specialties

      • Administration

        This line of courses provides trainees with the knowledge and skills they need to provide proper support to their organizations and tackle various office management needs and tasks properly.  Trainees learn techniques and tools as well as acquire skills on how to manage the office and documents, work with teams, communicate effectively and delegate tasks.

      • Finance & Accounting

        With a rich menu of financial and accounting training programs PRESIDING assists its clients in acquiring the knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to stay on top of their game.  Our clients can choose from the wide variety of accounting and finance training courses we offer for different career levels such as financial analysis, finance for non-financials, skills of planning, forecasting and budgeting using spreadsheets and many more.

      • Oil& Gas

        PRESIDING offers an extensive list of training programs in the Oil and Gas field. Personnel training in various fields of the upstream oil industry is organized and conducted through top international training establishments and with the highest levels of proficiency and technology transfer.

      • Banking & Insurance

        Our training programs focus on equipping professionals of varying expertise with the necessary knowledge and skills (ranging from financial awareness to business communication) needed to deliver better performance and contribute to the success and excellence of the company.  We offer a variety of courses in this field such as: Compliance and Law in Banking and Insurance, Banking Risk and Operations, Financial Derivatives, Fixed Income Analysis and Trading, Forecasting Markets and Risk Modeling, and many others.

      • Human Resources & Training

        Our courses equip HR professionals with many advantages by offering them up-to-date business insights in this field combined with the latest thinking and research on key HR topics, such as how to motivate employees, enhance performance or productivity, and many others.

      • Sales & Marketing

        In such challenging economic times companies need to take advantage of every opportunity to maximize their marketing and sales presence to as many potential customers as possible. The most efficient way to do so is to have a strong team, an effective strategy and the right tools.  Our courses are designed to offer our clients all that and more.

      • Project Management

        Our courses in Project Management are designed to help our clients keep their projects on track even in the most challenging and unpredictable times. We tackle the fundamental aspects of project management from project scope and gathering requirements, to controlling and managing contracts. We go into the details of each phase, such as creating a project plan, scheduling, and implementing project activities.

      • Health & Safety

        A variety of courses on health and safety issues are offered to our clients to help them prevent injuries and instill a supporting organizational culture. Our courses also provide practical information on different f topics to help safety managers and professionals comply with regulations and learn the best practices in the field.

      • Purchasing & Supply

        PRESIDING’s Purchasing & Supply courses are designed to help professionals perform purchasing and supply duties more effectively and contribute to a competitive advantage, bringing the company added value.  We help our trainees better understand the importance of purchasing and supply, and identify alternative terms, conditions of sale, and source suppliers.  We also focus on how to build supplier relationships linked to overall organizational goals.  Trainees who take these courses learn how to evaluate decisions, review skills, and apply sound principles in negotiating with suppliers and internal customers.

      • Vocational Training (VT)

        Being a private sector firm, PRESIDING works closely with its clients to benefit from new approaches to skill development, to aid in the design and delivery of more sustainable employment, and partake in irreversible poverty reduction initiatives.  We assist our clients in training and preparing qualified and competitive manpower in different professional disciplines by enhancing the qualifications of trainees according to the needs of the marketplace.

        The excellence of our VT solutions comes from the effectiveness of the design, implementation and review of experiences, so as to ensure that only the best designs are afforded to our clients.

      • Information Technology

        Our courses aim to give our trainees the skills they need for the practical application of computing to the various areas and functions of their industries. These include e-commerce, information systems, and computer consultancy among many others.

      • Certification Courses

        Our clients rely on us to provide certification programs in the various functions of their businesses such as management, finance and accounting.

      • English Language

        Effective communication depends upon proper mastery of the English language. Hence, our courses are designed to empower business professional and company employees from all levels to acquire proper English language skills that would enable them to perform their jobs adequately; especially in multinational and international business environments.