Unique Services

At Presiding Our Services Go Beyond The Typical; We Offer Unique Services Tailored To Fit A Breadth Of Organizational Needs.


  • IPO readiness assessment:

Our consultants take our clients on an IPO journey designed to guide businesses innovatively through a shift from private to public companies while meeting CMA requirements and promoting attractive investor environments.




  • Business excellence advisory:

No matter what industry, structure, or stage of growth, our consultants accomplish taking our client’s too pristine business excellence
by gauging the maturity of  client’s businesses and depicting
the roadmap for attaining excellence.


  • Family business advisory:

We here at Presiding treat our office culture as a family – therefore our consultants always seek to understand the needs of family businesses, assess them, and facilitate plans of actions to be taken to make sure your family’s business is sustainable.


  • Corporate Governance:

Presiding’s team also offers its clients help on organizing their system of Governance so that all stakeholders can be satisfied, allowing the company to function smoothly.