Corporate Governance

Because Corporate Governance encompasses all sphere of management and sets the company on the path to fulfilling its vision, PRESIDING’s team also offers its client help on organizing their system of Governance so that all stakeholders can be satisfied, allowing the company to function smoothly.


Since achieving this is no easy task for any company, PRESIDING has a well-defined and detailed set of Key Areas of focus in building a sustainable and efficient mode of governance, wherein PRESIDING offers many services:

    • Overall Governance Framework

      PRESIDING helps define general Corporate Governance guidelines

    • Board of Directors

      Our team helps develop a charter, define roles and responsibilities, the key functions of the Board and directors, as well as the board’s structure and composition

    • Shareholder Rights

      Our consultants also aid our client in defining shareholder rights, which include their general rights, the rights at the general assembly, shareholders’ voting rights, dividend rights, we help our client develop a framework wherein shareholders can exercise their rights, and we also help client define their policy on information access

    • Other Committees for the Board

      Here at we focus on structuring the different committees of the board, such as the Audit committee, the executive committee, the management committee, and the compensation committee, we aid the client in defining their charters, structures, roles and responsibilities, and lay down a policy on committee assignments and rotation

    • Board Remuneration and Indemnification

      Our consultants also develop a policy for board remuneration and the remuneration packages for directors, all the while keeping an eye on the client’s mission and the company’s rules

    • Ethical Framework

      Last but certainly not least, no company can properly function without a code of conduct. Our experts work hand-in-hand with our client to develop this code, while also denoting a clear whistle-blower policy, and potential areas of conflicts of interests within the board.