The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI) has played a very important role in supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) business community, promoting the growth of the private sector and encouraging the take up of good practice since its inception. The setting up of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Board furthers the Chamber’s role in supporting the business community to adopt responsible business practices by raising awareness on CSR and broader sustainability principles.

The CSR Board recognises its role in encouraging companies to consider the impact they may have on the environment and their key stakeholders as well as to promote greater transparency in company disclosures on both financial and non-financial performance. In this context, the CSR Board has developed a sustainability index and award mechanism which can help measure the KSA business community’s performance and impact on the economy, environment and society.

This questionnaire comprises a key input to this sustainability index and provides the basis upon which the assessment of company performance will be undertaken.



About this questionnaire

The development of this questionnaire was informed by a benchmarking exercise of international, regional and national indices and award mechanisms, which adopt best practice methodologies for assessment and award. The results from this benchmarking were then considered and evaluated in terms of their relevance and applicability to KSA. Throughout this evaluation process, the CSR Board consulted with key stakeholders, including representatives from the KSA business community and active CSR professionals and institutions in order to tailor this questionnaire and index to the KSA context. The questionnaire covers the 3 main pillars / dimensions of sustainability: Environmental, Social and Economic. It is conducted on an annual basis and consists of a total of 40 questions – 19 mandatory questions, 3 industry-specific questions and 18 optional questions.



Companies are required to respond to all mandatory questions in order to be eligible to participate. Upon completion of all mandatory questions, companies are encouraged to respond to optional questions and to provide documentation to support their responses where possible.


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