Strategy formulation

PRESIDING works meticulously to provide its clients with carefully planned and well-researched proposals that would carry them throughout the entire process of any project, no matter the scope; delivering detailed and accurate analyses that cater to our client’s needs and map the unknowns of their proposals.


PRESIDING does this by carefully laying out the intended objectives of the project, with one eye on our client’s goals, and another out to determine any obstacles or limitations that must be overcome through detailed analysis and thorough understanding, making sure to provide our client with reviews, analyses, and recommendations.




PRESIDING does this by first outlining the scope of the project, and carrying out primary and secondary Market Research in order to have a detailed understanding of the project, its market, and the existing competition. Then, the strategic options are assessed through careful consideration and analysis, weighing out the options and possibilities with regards to choosing the Target Operating Model (TOM) that best suits the project. In the end, PRESIDING delivers its clients its review of the project’s many facets, taking into account the business plan and future market dynamics, making sure to offer recommendations and projections of returns analyses.