Getting Potential Participants Involved

We will invite the top 250+ national and multinational companies based in Saudi Arabia who meet the criteria mentioned above to participates in the assessment and be eligible for consideration of the award.


Invitation will be sent to potential participants to attend the awareness session as per the event date and planning timeline.

Assessment Methodology

The CSR board suitability index is an assessment tool which measures company performance and impact based on a number of factors.


  • It consists of 40 questions covering three pillars: economic, social and environmental.
  • The online questionnaire will be distributed to eligible companies by the CSR Board.
  • Companies will submit their responses and supporting documentation for evaluation.

The development of this questionnaire was informed by a benchmarking exercise of international, regional and national indices and award mechanisms, which adopt best practice methodologies for assessment and award. The results from this benchmarking were then considered and evaluated in terms of their relevance and applicability to KSA. The questionnaire is intended to be conducted on an annual basis.



Fill-In the Questionnaire