Award Mechanism

A fully transparent award scheme, directly linked to the results of the Sustainability Index, will recognize the companies that achieve (and can justify with supporting documentation) the highest sustainability scores.


After receiving and reviewing the responses from all participating companies, Presiding Solutions will put forward between 10-15 finalists for the jury to review.


An award jury of five judges will be identified by the CSR Board. The judges who are nominated will not have any direct interests in the finalists being considered for the award.


After due consideration, the jury will invite 5-10 (at their discretion) of these finalists to an event in which the companies can present their case for winning the award in front of the live jury and an audience. This event can be publicized, covered by media and social media, and attended by all involved parties, including VIPs. The jury will further deliberate after hearing/seeing the presentations in person and will make a decision. The winners will be announced at the
SAGIA Competitiveness Forum in January 2018.



Winners will be designated as follows:


  1. 1. Grand prize winner
  2. 2. Second place winner
  3. 3. Third place winner


Besides prestigious recognition and appreciation of participation, the prizes themselves are, as yet to be determined by the Sustsainability Index partners (CSR Board, SAGIA, Ministry of Labor (TBC), sponsors).


The index’s award mechanism is very transparent and straightforward. The CSR board will reward the company that achieves the highest score in the index in an award ceremony that will take place in January 2018. As for the judging panel, it consists of 5 judges, who out of necessity must not hold any direct interest in the industries eligible for the CSI.


The end result of the index will be based on the submitted questionnaires and the field assessments conducted by PRESIDING. After all the assessments have been made, participating companies will be ranked according to the achieved score. PRESIDING will then present its recommendations for the top 10-15 results to the CSR board’s jury, which will then select the 5-10 finalists, always according to the index’s results and the jury’s assessment. These top-performing businesses will then later be invited to present their case for winning the award in front of a live jury and audience. Finally, three winners will be announced according to rank at the SAGIA Competitiveness Forum in January 2018.