CSR board sustainability index


CSR Board Sustainability Index Owner:

CSR board sustainability index and award mechanism developed and implemented by CSR Board.


CSR Board Sustainability Index Implementation Manager and Partner:

CSR board appointed Presiding Solutions to implement the CSR board sustainability index.


CSR Board Sustainability Index Purpose:

  1. Raise awareness and understanding about the concept of corporate social responsibility and sustainability in the Saudi Arabian business community.
  2. Establish a benchmark for the companies involved in CSR activities.
  3. Serve as a resource to companies in Saudi Arabia considering their investment decisions and assist
    them in determining potential positive and negative environmental, social and economic impact.


The proposed CSR board Sustainability index pillars are Economic, Social and Environmental, each representing 33.33% of the total score in the Index award.

In line with the principles of sustainability, the pillars have been given an equal weight.